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They want bonuses for the owners of cars with gas systems – 2024-03-02 18:40:53

The chairman of the Bulgarian Oil and Gas Association (BPGA) Svetoslav Benchev suggested that tax incentives be introduced for propane-butane cars. This means that cars with gas systems will be tax-free or the tax on them will be lower because they use ecological fuel. Electric cars are currently exempt from tax, but there are no exemptions for gas cars.

Propane-butane cars must park for free in the green zone of cities or their parking should be at a lower price, Svetoslav Benchev also said. According to him, in order for people to switch to a more environmentally friendly fuel, there should be incentives, and not raising taxes for cars using the traditional gasoline and diesel fuels. Only then will the price that people will pay for switching to greener transport be socially bearable.

BPGA has prepared a vision for “Energy Transition”, which will be presented to all responsible institutions in the country. In the Energy Strategy prepared by the government, transport is not included at all, and it is one of the largest consumers of energy. The association is adamant that there must be changes in transport, but there is no way to replace all diesel cars with electric ones. Most people don’t have enough money to buy a new electric car, and there aren’t enough charging stations yet. In addition, if only half of the cars in the country go electric, two more nuclear reactors, or 2 gigawatts of new capacity, will be needed.

Therefore, BPGA wants to implement a plan to gradually switch to greener fuels and encourage their use before the time comes years from now when cars will not pollute the environment. If a socially acceptable price is not provided, we will not see transport with reduced carbon emissions, are categorical from BPGA.

Equipping the car with a gas system is affordable for consumers, is cost-effective, and is an alternative to using gasoline or diesel, said Maya Blagoeva from the association. And the harmful emissions from using propane-butane from cars are significantly smaller than when using gasoline or diesel. There are 27 million propane-butane vehicles in the world, which consume 30 million tons of the fuel per year. The consumption of this fuel in production is even greater – its annual consumption in the world is 200 million tons, and its use has been increasing over the years.

According to Svetoslav Benchev, in the transition period when switching to carbon-neutral fuels, it is necessary to have incentives for the use of propane-butane, methane and HVO-fuels. HVO means hydrotreated vegetable fuel. It is an alternative to traditional diesel – it is produced from raw materials of bio-origin and from residual products, has the same chemical structure as conventional fuel and can be used alone or as a mixture for a diesel engine, and the harmful emissions when using it are less than from diesel. The use of such transitional fuels is economically much more justified than people replacing their old cars with electric ones, writes “Trud”.

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