They propose that a constitutional plebiscite be valid only if more than 50% of the electoral roll participates | National

The Senator of National Renewal, Francisco Chahuán, announced a proposal to annul the result of the plebiscite of October 25, in case the participation is less than 50% of the electoral roll.

“The minimum that there should be is a turnout of half the voters. We are talking about a process that will define the Chile that will come in the future and that cannot be defined by a low percentage of Chileans, ”said Chahuán.

The senator indicated that other peers have supported his proposal, such as Carmen Gloria Aravena, Rodrigo Galilea and Rafael Prohens, who added their signature to the initiative.

“Such a relevant query cannot afford not to have a turnout below 50%, especially because we are talking about the entry Plebiscite and it must have sufficient legitimacy, “he added.

The proposal holds that If the minimum percentage is not reached, the President of the Republic must call a new plebiscite within a maximum period of 30 days, from the date of the first referendum.

The idea of ​​Chahuán is not the only one that has appeared in recent days regarding the constitutional plebiscite of October, from the UDI they presented a project to eliminate the option of the Constitutional Convention as a mechanism for drafting a new constitution.

The UDI project criticized the high cost of an eventual Constitutional Convention and the possible negative effects of having “two congresses” operating in parallel.

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