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They order to restrict the dissemination of a video in which Milei attacks a journalist | The worker received threats on social networks

Judge Frida Bosernitzan, of the Family and Gender Violence Court of the Southern Judicial District (Metán), ordered to ENACOM what take the necessary measures to avoid the frequent exposure of the journalist Teresita Frías as a victim of aggression by the now presidential candidate Javier Mileiin a video from June 26, 2018, when he attended to carry out his task at a press conference called by the far-right.

At that event, the now candidate became upset with her questions and insulted her, the event was recorded on video and ended up shocking the population of Metan. So, the Gender prosecutor Susana Redondo acted ex officio accusing Milei of gender violence and the Justice ordered him to recant.

After the PASO of August, That fact resurfaced with force and Frías saw the situation and her image exposed repeatedly, which generated revictimization for her by receiving insults and messages with veiled threats on her social networks.

The journalist told Salta/12 that her limit was the situation experienced by her children, who received reproductions of the video and the reproduction of insults. “They attack me and end up insulting me and at the time they even sent me a photo of a decapitated head”he related.

Frías clarified that at no time did he capitalize on what happened in 2018 in his favor and in fact avoided referring to the issue. However“paradoxically I even lost my name, because they refer to me as ‘the journalist who was attacked by Milei’”, graphic. He stated that even Justice’s order to Milei “was not something I sought” and in fact it was originated in the ex officio action of the prosecutor.

“The idea is not to expose the video or continue exposing its image,” explained the lawyer Álvaro Arias Camacho, who legally represented the journalist before Justice to try to stop the permanent exposure and insults that Frías suffers.

The journalist understood that the attack she suffered in 2018 by Milei It was the prelude to violent situations that journalists suffer from the LLA leaders.. Without going any further, in these daysThe far-right candidate attacked a journalist in the city of Rosario, in Santa Fe, and yesterday the elected representative Lila Lemoine threatened a Public TV workerwhich earned repudiations from public media workers and some press unions.

Naturalized violence

“There is a part of society that naturalizes violence,” Frías considered, understanding that violence is even exercised against female journalists when they are denied equality in the media, or are ignored despite often being the references of audiovisual programs. He added that even for those colleagues who come from outside the city of Salta, “it seems that we have a poster and many pretend to be gallants,” which means suffering permanent harassment.

“Although women are not naturalizing it thanks to feminist struggles, there is still a long way to go to raise awareness in society and within the media themselves” to prevent crimes against gender, she said.

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