They have already granted $15,000 million in credits for monotributistas | Where to manage them

They have already granted $15,000 million in credits for monotributistas |  Where to manage them

The Ministry of Economy launched the new financing line for microenterprises of the Argentine Credit (CreAr) program, which is now available in public and private banks throughout the country to accompany productive investments by monotributistas. Through this initiative, the government has already allocated more than 15,000 million pesos to enhance the entrepreneurial profile and promote Argentine growth.

“This new line of credits is part of the latest measures launched by Minister Sergio Massa and that aim to offset the impact of the devaluation imposed on us by the IMF with concrete measures for workers, SMEs and monotributistas. But it is also part of the spirit with which we launched CreAr and which aims to guarantee financing for the entire productive life cycle, whether it is a large company or a microenterprise that is beginning to take its first steps,” highlighted the Secretary of Industry and Productive Development. of the Nation, José Ignacio de Mendiguren.

For his part, the Undersecretary of Small and Medium Enterprises, Tomás Canosa, stated that: “The line for monotributistas is already in force in public and private banks, with a strong investment from the national State to accompany, for example, a plumber to who can buy tools to an accountant who needs to buy a computer to work. “We continue to add banks from all over the country so that everyone can access these loans more quickly.”

CreAr for productive microenterprises allocates up to 6 million pesos per credit to monotributistas throughout the country – depending on the category – to finance the purchase of equipment, tools and other productive needs.

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The loans are aimed at all categories of monotributistas, they will have a term of 24 months with a fixed rate throughout the credit and a bonus of 60 points from the Argentine Guarantee Fund (FONDEP). In addition, they have 100 percent support from the Argentine Guarantee Fund (FOGAR), which implies that the loans will not be evaluated by financial entities.

The total amount of the CreAr Productive Microenterprises line is 180,000 million pesos. The minimum amount that can be accessed per credit is 50,000 pesos and the maximum varies depending on the monotax category (up to 1,200,000 pesos for categories A and B, up to 2,000,000 pesos for C, D and E and up to 4,000 ,000 pesos for F onwards). In addition, the loan can be extended by 50 percent to companies with a positive FOGAR history.

To apply for the credit, monotributistas must request the loan from the corresponding bank and specify the intended amount; Through a sworn statement, certify that the money will be used in investments that are related to your economic activity and not exceed “situation 2” in the Central Bank’s Debtors Center.

More than 7,000 operations have already been carried out in banks Nación, Credicoop, Banco de Corrientes, Banco de la Ciudad de Buenos Aires, Banco de La Pampa and private banks such as BBVA and Santander. The BNA granted loans for more than 7,000 million pesos. The loans granted were for monotributistas linked to industry, agribusiness and businesses.

The call for productive microenterprises that want to access credit will be valid until November 30, 2023 and is also now available at the Banco de la Provincia de Buenos Aires, Banco de Córdoba and Banco Municipal de Rosario. It will soon also be operational in Banco de Chubut, Banco de Entre Ríos, Banco de Formosa, Banco Industrial, Banco de Neuquén, Banco Patagonia, Banco Rioja, Nuevo Banco de Santa Fe, Banco de Santa Cruz, Banco de Tierra del Fuego, Banco San Juan and Comafi. In addition, the line is in the process of being implemented in other banking entities.

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