They find two deceased women in the Mapuche community in Ercilla

The La Araucanía Prosecutor’s Office confirmed the finding of two women deceased in a house within a Mapuche community in Ercilla. It is about a mother and her daughter, aged 53 and 17, respectively, who were found hanged in their home. The PDI is currently in place.

According to preliminary records, the victims were identified as Iris Rosales Quiñilén, 53, and her daughter Rosa Quintana Rosales, 17, who were found hanged in their home, as reported by The Times Chile.

The prosecutor Enrique Vásquez, who was established in the rural sector of Pinoleo, in Ercilla, He advanced that it would be deaths by hanging, since the first expert reports do not show injuries attributable to third parties.

Likewise, Vásquez reported that the bodies were transferred to the Medical Legal Service for the respective autopsies and indicated that the telephone equipment found in the house was seized in order to assess them and obtain information that could help clarify this fact.

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