They do not rule out implementing restrictions in Chicago if infections with coronavirus continue to increase | Video | Univision Chicago WGBO

wing hospitalizationsof intensive care surpass20%. we have with usDr. Geraldine.welcome. what is thesituation in chicago as soon asto contagions? who are theythose who are most contagious inthis moment? from 0:00 to 17:00years. is the highest in ourboard.once they startupload them. is when they startthe restriction measures forlower the probability ofsocialize in groups.erika: adriana marínez dicewho got the vaccinemodern but had a reactionenergetic and they said I don’t knowI could put the second dose.100 developed allergies,to consider johnson’s andjohnson.people with pressurehigh can be vaccinated with thegroup one sees or has toexpect?on April 19 it opens atphase two. if you have high blood pressure,it’s on the priority listof the moment. all theWednesdays can be connectedfor information.we all have conversations

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