Hospital vaccination: – Vaccinated over a hundred managers

The hospital in Vestfold has given priority to vaccinating 13 directors, clinic managers and emergency managers.

These are in addition to 97 section leaders and 13 department heads, figures Dagbladet has had access to show.

May have had home office

Both Oslo University Hospital and Vestre Viken HF are among the health trusts that have chosen to prioritize more in management for coronavaksine.

Several of these is without patient contact and at OUS, several may also have been in the home office.

The same may be the case with the managers at Vestfold Hospital, the hospital confirms to Dagbladet.

– The hospital does not keep an overview of where employees physically perform their work. It can not be ruled out that individual personnel in management, emergency preparedness and critical support functions who have been vaccinated have had partial home offices in periods after tightening the level of measures in the Vestfold municipalities, communications director Merete B. Lindahl informs Dagbladet.

– Not extensive

As for the 123 vaccinated within the management, the communications director says that “section leaders” and “department heads” are leaders who mainly have patient contact or lead employees who have patient contact.

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The hospital in Vestfold is among the hospitals Dagbladet has received several tips from worried employees who react to the vaccine prioritization.

– Can you understand that it can be wrong to vaccinate managers who may have been in the home office, when many employees who meet patients have still not been vaccinated?

– The hospital in Vestfold has not had extensive use of home offices, it is necessary that managers at hospitals are very physically present. Partial home office has been used for some functions to lower the infection pressure in line with local measures, the communications director answers and continues:

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Dishwashing after vaccination

Dishwashing after vaccination

– The hospital in Vestfold’s plans for vaccination have been presented to shop stewards, who have provided input on several occasions. There has been no critical feedback to management or the vaccine committee from employees or their representatives on how vaccination has been carried out.

The hospital adds that most of those who have been vaccinated in the management have been vaccinated in the last pools of vaccination.

Got several doses

The last two weeks have the specialist health service received 24,000 additional vaccine doses, beyond the already planned. It was a decision which, according to the infection control director of FHI, Geir Bukholm, was made by the Ministry of Health and Care Services.

– The National Institute of Public Health‘s role in the case has been to find a practical solution to implement the decision, Bukholm told Dagbladet.

In response to questions from Dagbladet, FHI has previously clarified that each individual regional and local health authority has the authority to distribute the vaccine doses themselves. Nevertheless, they have been clear that FHI initially pointed to employees with patient contact.

– We have requested that the functionality of critical clinical functions be prioritized. Basically, we have pointed to personnel with patient contact. But we have asked municipalities and hospitals to consider this ourselves, Bukholm wrote.

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Dagbladet has asked the hospital in Vestfold whether they think the choice to vaccinate so many in the management corresponds with FHI’s guidelines.

– Most managers who have been vaccinated are operative managers in clinical activities. We can not rule out that there may be certain cases or decisions in the practical implementation that can be criticized in retrospect, but we believe that the vaccination has mainly been in line with the guidelines from NIPH, Lindahl says.

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