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They develop the fourth national ranking and U18 and U20 athletics championship – 2024-04-25 02:29:25

Rebecca Henriquez

More than 200 athletes belonging to 18 national clubs and an invited team from Guatemala participated in the fourth national ranking and U18 and U20 championship, which will serve as a qualifier to compete in the Central American Championship of the previous categories, in Costa Rica, in May.

The National Sports Institute of El Salvador (INDES) detailed the competitions that were held, and which also included tests in the highest category of disciplines, in the Armed Forces Transmission Support Command (CAFTA) and in the Stadium National Jorge “El Mágico” González.

The sprinter Kimberly Ramírez, from the U18 category, was the winner of the 100 and 200 meter dash, a competition in which in the first 100 she registered 13.54 and in the second 28.34.

Fátima Marcos won the most important medal in the 1500 meters of the long-distance events with 05:38.39 minutes, she was first place in the 3000 meters with 12:07.81 and also beat her opponents in the 2000 meters hurdles with 9: 12.48 minutes.

Omar de Jesús Laz, in U18, won gold in the 100 meter dash with 11.85 seconds and then won the 200 meter dash with 23.56 seconds.

The senior category was represented by national athletes such as Esteban Ibáñez, a decathlete who broke his personal record by exceeding 1.98 by 2.00, which he had previously established. The athlete is the brother of Pablo Ibáñez, the historic gold at the 2023 Central American and Caribbean Games in the men’s 400 meter hurdles, a feat in 97 years only two women had achieved it in El Salvador, which made him the first man to achieve it. .

“Last week I was in the United States and now here, at the end you can see the fruit of all the training. Bringing a rhythm of competition, competing often, helps us a lot. Perhaps in previous years we were not used to it, but we can see that this is what is necessary to have good results,” said Ibáñez.

The Salvadoran Athletics Federation carried out a time check in the 10 kilometer road test, where 10 athletes participated, 5 in men and 5 in women, with a time limit for the test of 36 minutes for men and 45 for women.

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