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They detained a security officer for the murder of Lubo Ivanov, they are looking for the organizer (Video)

This is the detained Kristian Iliev.

Kristian Iliev practiced shooting days before the assassination

Police are looking for the organizer of the assassination attempt against former criminalist Lyubomir Ivanov. He escaped during the operation in which Kristian Iliev, accused of physical murder, and his comrade Borislav Grozev were detained.

The investigation began immediately after Ivanov was shot dead by a masked cyclist in front of his home in the Hladilnika district of Sofia on the morning of March 25. He escaped through South Park, but several cameras filmed his route.

Thus, in less than a month, criminal investigators followed in the footsteps of Iliev and Grozev, whom they suspected of being an aide. The investigation revealed that Christian regularly visited shooting ranges in the days before the murder. He fired only with a Makarov pistol. It was the shell casings of the Russian weapon, caliber 9×18 PM, that were found at the crime scene. When reviewing recordings from the cameras, it turned out that

Iliev watched

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the shooting

The motive for the crime was quickly cleared up. “This is an unsettled financial relationship in the framework of criminal activity. We are establishing how this flow of money went, eventually it is a matter of common business “, said the head of the Sofia Criminal Police Petar Petrov. He added that it remains to be seen whether this is a theft or an unpaid amount.

During the action on Wednesday, 7 addresses related to the detainees were searched. On one of them, forensic scientists were looking for the organizer of the assassination, B.T. (The names of the men are kept in the editorial office – b.a.). He has been declared wanted nationwide. It is possible that the guarantor KK will also be released for search, but at Interpol. Both, as well as the detainees from the Ministry of Interior, are known to the police with bodily injuries, threat of murder and hooliganism, explained the chief secretary of the ministry Petar Torodov.

The murdered Ivanov is a former police officer, he was the head of the criminal investigators in the Sofia region. He was put on the wanted list at Interpol in 2018. Then he

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gang member

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cigarettes of Evlogi


The man surrendered last year and was released on bail. Due to his participation in the gang, which according to the prosecution had 4 factories, the anti-corruption commission filed a lawsuit against him. It is worth BGN 624 thousand and was paid in 2020 after checking its income and expenses.

Lyubomir Ivanov, 51, has been in contact with criminals until his death, 24 Chasa has learned. He did the same as an employee of the Ministry of Interior. In 2008 he was arrested after a scandal at the Ministry of Interior. Then the media leaked a report from special intelligence tools with data that current employees of the Ministry of Interior warn bandits about prepared actions against them. These were Lyubomir Ivanov, head of the criminal department in the Second Regional Police Department, the deputy director of the CDCOC Ivan Ivanov and Georgi Radkov – head of the Economic Police.

After the arrest of Lyubomir Ivanov, he was removed from the Ministry of Interior. He was tried and tried


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He was then reinstated by the court. He was appointed to the 9th police station in 2014, but he did not go to work and was disciplined. Since 2018, he has been under investigation for participation in the group of Burmese who had a restaurant near the building where Ivanov lives in the capital’s Hladilnika district.

Despite the seizures of his money and property, Lyubomir Ivanov did not suffer from a lack of money, say people in the neighborhood who have known him since he was an employee of the Interior Ministry. Officially, there is only one company in his name that does not operate.

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