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After completing nearly 100 daily appearances on their television program after declaring an emergency due to the spread of the coronavirus, from the Democratic Pole they asked the National Government that President Iván Duque suspend his space Prevention and action.

Day by day, at 6 in the afternoon, the head of state conducts a program in which he explains, together with his government team and experts, the measures that have been taken to confront the pandemic.

In just three months, the president has carried out more than 100 programs of this type, which were also originally broadcast live by the main media.

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However, from the opposition they consider that this program has become “politicking”, so they asked not to continue.

“The President says absolutely nothing, neither technical nor scientific. It is an open political intervention, without ethics; it is a patrimonial detriment. This intervention should be suspended, and the opposition should be given the right to reply, “said the president of the community and current councilor for Bogotá, Álvaro Argote.

It should be clarified that although the opposition’s statute allows parties opposed to the Government to make replies, these should only be when it comes to presidential addresses, in which the programming of the channels is interrupted, which does not happen with the space that Duque leads.

In line with Argote, Senator Iván Cepeda, from the same party, called Duque’s program “abusive.”

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“We are facing an abusive use by the President of the channels and the media, to make announcements that have, for the most part, no relevance,” said the congressman on the left.

On March 24, when he formally started his program, the head of state had a rating from 3.4 points, but in mid-June the measurement dropped to 1.7 points. That is, the audience fell in half.

What must be recognized is that, as expressed by Patricia Muñoz Yi, professor of political science at the Javeriana University, “The Executive has been the branch of public power that has shown the most in the crisis” and this is what the Duque program shows.

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