Georgette Mosbacher comments on the dispute with Beata Mazurek


Georgette Mosbacher posted her entry on Tuesday evening. She emphasized that the discussion with Mazurkas did not affect relations between Poland and the USA. The US Ambassador to Poland also recalled the recent visit of Andrzej Duda to the White House. The Polish President met with Donald Trump.

The dispute between Mosbacher and Mazurek. What was it about?

On Sunday, PiS MEP, former party spokeswoman, Beata Mazurek, criticized the KO candidate for president Rafał Trzaskowski for the issue of debate. “Trzaskowski is afraid of debate with Poles. He prefers to set up a debate in WSI 24 and German Onet. This is an example of contempt for voters from smaller towns. Inhabitants of Końskie and Poles will soon bill him,” Mazurek wrote on Twitter, referring to the presidential debate in last week he tried to organize TVN together with Onet and WP.

She referred to this entry on Monday US Ambassador to Poland Georgette Mosbacher. “Beata Mazurek – you know well that you are spreading something that is an absolute lie, suggesting that TVN is WSI. You should be ashamed. This is below the dignity of a person who represents Poles” – wrote Mosbacher.

Beata Mazurek decided to answer the US ambassador. “Mrs. @USAmbPoland do you not know this? 1/2 A. Macierewicz, when asked about the report’s claims that ITI was created thanks to the military services of the Polish People’s Republic, Macierewicz referred to the explanations of G. Żemek (ex. WSI), a former director of FOZZ, he admitted that he was an agent of the PRL army services “- she wrote in the first entry of an MEP.

“The report said, among others, that the PRL military intelligence» made efforts to establish a television company «. The purpose of establishing this type of company was to facilitate placement of agents in the West. Defendant by TVN won,” Beata Mazurek added in another post.

Szczerski: it was an exchange of opinions

– It was an exchange of opinions between two people, she has no impact on Polish-American relations; neither position was official – said the head of the president’s cabinet Krzysztof Szczerski, commenting on the exchange of views between PiS MEP Beata Mazurek and the US ambassador in Poland.

– I was in touch with Ambassador Mosbacher yesterday, this is not the US position – he noted Szczerski.

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