‘Thesis plagiarism controversy’ Hong Jin-young submits explanatory materials to Chosun University

Material photo of singer Hong Jin-young in controversy over master’s thesis plagiarism © News1

Singer Hong Jin-young (35), who was caught up in controversy about plagiarism for his master’s thesis, submitted his vocational materials to Chosun University.

According to Chosun University on the 20th, Hong Jin-young sent his vocational materials to the Graduate School Committee via mail on the afternoon of the 18th, the deadline for submitting the materials.

Although the details of the explanatory data were not disclosed, it seems that it contained the contents of acknowledging plagiarism and apologizing.

On the same day, Jinyoung Hong apologized to his social network service (SNS) for the controversy about plagiarism, saying, “I sincerely apologize and ask for forgiveness even now.”

He also said, “I accept the provisional conclusion of the plagiarism of Chosun University and I will deeply regret it.”

The Graduate School Committee holds a meeting on the 23rd to review the explanatory data and make a final decision on plagiarism. If the final decision is made due to plagiarism, Jin-yeo Hong’s master’s and doctoral degrees will be canceled.

Hong Jin-young obtained his master’s and doctorate degrees in trade from the Graduate School of Chosun University in 2009 and 2013, respectively.

Earlier last month, suspicion of plagiarism was raised regarding Hong Jin-young’s master’s thesis at Chosun University’s graduate school’A Study on the Trend of Cultural Contents Industry through Hallyu’.

On November 5, when the suspicion was raised, Hong Jin-young said, “Hong Jin-young faithfully participated in the research and writing process.”

However, the plagiarism controversy continued, and Hong Jin-young announced his position the next day through his Instagram.

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Hong Jin-young said, “The parts that were passed without problems at the time are now judged by only a few percent, so whatever I say, it can only be seen as an excuse, and I am frustrated and upset.”

He also confessed, “I think this is also a part of my responsibility, and now I think it was clothes that didn’t suit me.” He said, “I will return my master’s and doctoral degrees,” he apologized, saying, “All of this is unconcerned and wrong.”

On the date of controversy, Chosun University held a graduate committee on the 13th of last month to refer the investigation of thesis plagiarism to the Research Integrity Committee under the University Research Ethics Committee.

“The suspicion of plagiarism of Hong Jin-young’s thesis is a serious matter,” said Min Young-don, president of Chosun University, and instructed that “the procedure and the time required should be shortened as much as possible to produce quick and decisive results.”

The Research Integrity Committee under the Chosun University Research Ethics Institute requested that Jinyoung Hong’s master’s thesis plagiarism was tentatively judged as plagiarism earlier this month through the examination of plagiarism and requested to submit the explanatory data by 5pm on the 18th.

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