These are the 5 most expensive meteors ever found on Earth

JAKARTA – The discovery of a meteorite in northern Sumatra is under discussion. In online stores, a piece of space rock costs up to 26 billion rupees. According to experts, celestial bodies fall into this category Carbonate chondrite (CM1 / 2). READ ALSO – The sea water continues to rise, NASA examines the unusual symptoms of the Earth from outer space

So far many meteors have been found and sold freely. The following, compiled from various sources, are the 5 most expensive meteorites ever traded. ALSO READ – First time, real dinosaurs in full state are presented

Meteorit Fukang

It is a pallasite type meteorite in nickel iron and contains olivine crystals. Scientists believe that only 1% of all meteorites that fall on Earth are pallasite. This meteorite is estimated to be 4.5 billion years old. The selling price reached 1.7 million euros or around Rp. 31.8 billion.

Meteorit Brenham

The Brenham meteorite is also made of pallasite and weighs half a tonne. Found in Kansas, USA, in 2005, shaped like a shield. This meteorite is worth 896 thousand euros, or around Rp. 16 billion.

Meteorit Willamete

The rock, which is thought to be one of the largest meteorites found on Earth, was sold for 851,000 euros or Rp.15 billion in New York City, United States. However, after being sold, this celestial object was immediately donated to the American Museum of Natural History. Indeed, the stone weighing more than 16 tons was found in 1902.

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