McDonald’s employee shares tip to fix food for free

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Nowadays, videos often pop up on TikTok of fast food chain employees opening a book. Now an American woman working at the ultimate burger chain has shared McDonald’s tips and tricks, including how to get a free meal.

Over the past few weeks, we’ve seen a number of fast food workers go to TikTok to share trade secrets. For example, someone from a KFC revealed how the chicken giant makes their delicious gravy.

A number of people who claim to work at McDonald’s have also gone viral for their videos, explaining everything from how to get unsalted fries to fun drive-in tidbits.

This is how you fix your free hamburger

Most recent video causing a stir online sees a woman discussing how to get free food at McDonald’s.

Benita Jadah made the video that has already collected more than 31,000 likes. The ultimate tip? Hope that your order takes a long time to arrive and a good attitude.

“So let’s say we mess up your order or it takes us a long time to prepare it,” says Jadah. “If you come to complain calmly and calmly, we will literally replace your food and probably give you a refund.

“Nobody likes to be yelled at,” she explains. “I understand why you would be upset, but you get so much more and so much further if you just come in with a super good attitude.”

Hundreds of people responded to the video, and several other employees agreed. “I also work at McDonald’s… and this is true,” one wrote.

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