There will be a winter shift on Saturday night

In Latvia, the transition to winter time will take place at night on Sunday, October 25, at 4 o’clock, turning the clock one hour back, the Ministry of Economics (MoE) informed.

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As reminded by the MoE, whereas European Union At the (EU) level, a common vision of new conditions for changing the time twice a year has not yet been reached, currently the previously approved procedure is still in force – summer time in Latvia is valid from the last Sunday in March to the last Sunday in October. Therefore, the transition to summer time will take place again on March 28, 2021.

The transition to summer time and back in Latvia is determined by the regulations of the Cabinet of Ministers “On the transition to summer time”. The regulations state that the changeover to summer time in Latvia takes place in the following order: on the last Sunday in March at 3 o’clock the clock hands are turned one hour forward and on the last Sunday in October at 4 o’clock one hour back.

Within the EU, the transition to summer time is regulated by a directive of the European Parliament and the Council. The directive sets the start and end of summer time uniform for all EU Member States.

Summer time was first introduced in Latvia in 1981. From 1997, summer time is valid from the last Sunday in March to the last Sunday in October.

It was reported that in 2018, the issue of the need to review the current clock re-regulation procedure arose in Europe. That’s why European commision (EC) conducted a survey of citizens in EU Member States, in which a majority of the population expressed the view that the existing arrangements should be abolished.

In the same year, the EC presented a draft new directive to EU member states, calling for an end to seasonal shifts throughout the EU. However, due to the need for additional time for Member States to consult nationally and identify the aspirations of their citizens, a common vision at EU level of new conditions for twice-yearly timing has not yet been reached. The Latvian government has decided that Latvia generally supports the abandonment of the seasonal change of time.

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