There were so many fines after corona violations

Public order office Mönchengladbach
Corona violations: There have been so many fines

There is a shortage of staff in the municipal security service. Nevertheless, there are always priority controls, says the city administration.

Despite the staff shortage at the municipal order and service service (KOS), the city has identified and reported 3165 violations of the corona rules since the beginning of the pandemic. Annegret Ketzer, head of the regulatory office, announced this to the committee for fire services, public order and disaster control.

Of the procedures initiated, around 40 percent (1287) have been completed, a little less than ten percent (269) are in progress and around half (1678) are still ongoing.

In the proceedings that have been concluded so far, more than half (57 percent) have been terminated with a fine. A written warning was issued in 13 percent of the proceedings, 74 percent of which included a warning fee.

Around 30 percent of the proceedings were discontinued, for example because of insufficient evidential value or subsequent discharge of those affected. Due to a large number of objections, 89 proceedings are currently still pending at the Mönchengladbach District Court.

A total of EUR 395,108 could be punished with 168 warnings and now 727 fines, since the end of September alone around EUR 75,000. For comparison: In Krefeld half a million was taken.

The five-person Corona staff unit not only processes fine proceedings, but also supports the municipal order and service department with its field service controls. In 97 control missions to date, it has so far found 176 violations.

There is currently a staff shortage at KOS. Of the 18 positions, only eleven are currently filled; as of December 1, twelve are filled. The city administration is constantly in selection interviews with people who are interested in the advertised positions, according to the town hall. Because of the lack of staff, there are currently not two shifts a day, but only one, i.e. either the early shift or the late shift.

Focus controls and random checks are of course possible, and they are also carried out regularly by the regulatory office, said a city spokesman on request.

In addition to the controls and fine proceedings, the Corona Office advises private individuals and businesses on all questions about the current corona regulations via the email address [email protected] One focus is on the legal review of hygiene concepts.




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