There are bugs in the kitchen|Many live maggots strangely appeared in the kitchen. A Hong Kong woman revealed that they came from a package of food. Type 1 people should be careful – Qing Bao – Family – Home

Rotten food in your home is prone to pests! A female netizen recently posted a message asking for help, saying that many unknown white bugs appeared in the kitchen of her home. She hurriedly asked netizens for help. After inspection, the victim believed that they were maggots, suspected to have come from a bag of rotten food. Some doctors point out that the risk of accidentally swallowing fly maggots is not high, but certain types of people should be particularly careful.

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The female victim recently posted a message on the Facebook group “Hong Kong Pest Control Concern Group” asking for help, saying that unknown white bugs appear in her kitchen from time to time, and asked netizens to tell her their true identity.

“I would like to ask everyone, what kind of insects are these? There are two in the kitchen recently.”

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Suspected peanuts rot and sprout fly maggots

Netizens left comments one after another, pointing out that the bugs were believed to be maggots and that there might be rotten food in the victim’s home: “Maggots, something is rotten and tight”, “The maggots should be tied to see if they bounce”, “Maggots can be diluted” For cleaning with bleach, it is best to expose it to the sun, as it will basically die if exposed to light.” Some people said that Chinese medicinal materials and fruits are high-risk foods: “I used to have them in my house, but finally found that they were gone when I packed some very durable medicinal materials. “Come here”, “I tried putting a tomato in a place and forgetting about it. One day I cleaned it, and the whole tomato contained these insects.” The victim later said that after inspection, he believed the maggots came from a bag of rotten peanuts.

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What is myiasis?

According to the Center for Health Protection, myiasis is a disease caused by fly larvae (maggots) invading the organs and tissues of the human body or vertebrate animals. Elderly people who are often bedridden, physically disabled or lack the ability to take care of themselves are more susceptible to myiasis. Invasion of body parts not protected by skin (such as wounds and mucous membranes). The eggs usually hatch into larvae within 24 hours, and the larvae will burrow into the host’s body tissues and feed on the host’s necrotic or living tissues.

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Is it dangerous to accidentally eat maggot eggs?

Is there any risk if you accidentally eat maggot eggs? Family doctor Fang Yuhui once said in an interview with Qingbao that maggots are different from general gastrointestinal parasites. The body of maggots has no special structure to resist gastric acid, so if you accidentally swallow maggot eggs, Food that contains fly maggots generally has little impact on health, and myiasis is usually caused by the invasion of wounds by fly maggots. Especially for people with low resistance (such as the elderly), there are fewer cases of myiasis due to diet, so there is no need to worry too much.

To prevent myiasis, close caregivers or other high-risk individuals can start from 5 aspects:

1. Maintain good personal hygiene:Take a bath every day, keep your skin clean, and maintain oral hygiene
2. Treat the wound properly:Clean your hands thoroughly before handling wounds. All wounds should be properly treated and bandaged in a timely manner. The healing status of the wound should be evaluated regularly and the dressing should be kept dry and clean.
3. Maintain good environmental hygiene:Keep the living environment clean, store food in appropriate ways, throw garbage in covered trash cans, and empty them regularly. If there are animal carcasses, they must be disposed of properly.
4. Anti-fly measures:Install fly screens, electric insect killers or fly killer lamps
5. Care of pets:Animals may also be parasitized by fly maggots. Therefore, the wounds of animals should be treated promptly and properly, and should receive regular veterinary examinations. Do not keep stray animals.If an animal is suspected to have myiasis, it should be sent to a veterinarian for treatment

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