Strasbourg attack. The AVA association wants to put more humanity into the compensation of victims

“We met the Minister of Justice last year during the ceremony commemorating the Strasbourg attack,” explains the vice-president of AVA, Chantal Cutajar. “The observation is that of real mistreatment of certain victims by the Guarantee Fund, during the investigation and in the follow-up of the cases. However, this is contrary to European law,” argued AVA representatives.

In practice, the administrative slowness in recognizing the status of victims, the compensation installments arriving in dribs and drabs for people often in financial difficulties, the pressure for consolidation (final compensation decision) at a minimum are denounced by victims of various attacks in recent years.

Chantal Cutajar recalls, for example, that “the refusal to recognize indirect victims (relatives of the deceased, injured and traumatized people) as…

2023-12-09 07:48:11
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