Theo Francken (N-VA) not happy about the decision to make 100 …

Theo Francken (N-VA)

Foto: Photo News

Member of Parliament and former State Secretary for Asylum and Migration Theo Francken (N-VA) is not satisfied with the decision of Minister Maggie De Block (Open Vld) to allow 100 to 150 vulnerable migrants to come over from Greece. “Flying hundreds of migrants into mainland Europe sends the wrong signal, as the Christian Democratic and green Austrian government also states,” Francken responds. He wants Europe to integrally adopt “the Australian model”.

Belgium’s “extra solidarity” with Greece became promised on Wednesday during a meeting between Minister of Asylum and Migration De Block and her Greek colleague. Yesterday / Tuesday she announced that 12 unaccompanied minors will be transferred who are detained in Lesvos, where the Moria camp burned out completely last week.

But doing this will never stop illegal migration, Francken says. “In this way you give the signal that if a camp is set on fire, you will be flown to the mainland anyway. This can lead to wrong ideas for people with bad intentions. ”

The N-VA wants to support the Greeks with financial and humanitarian aid, but a structural solution must be found for the migration issue, says Francken. “The Australian model did away with illegal migration and inhumane situations such as we see in Greece, among others. We have to stop talking and adopting the Australian model integrally in Europe. ”


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