Blumberg, Hondingen: Adolescents on the B 27 near Hondingen with their hairdressed e-bike – police took the tuned two-wheeler into custody

A police patrol noticed two 14-year-olds who rode together on a pedelec yesterday at around 8 a.m. on federal road 27 between Hondingen and Riedböhringen. The bike was technically modified by the installation of a “throttle” so that it could go around 50 km / h with the assistance of the motor. As a result, the pedelec had become an e-bike requiring a driver’s license and insurance, for which the 14-year-old driver could not show a driver’s license.

He is now being reported for driving without a license and violating the compulsory insurance law. The police took the tuned two-wheeler into custody.

(Info: police)

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