Their voice comes from their brain.. 4 astrological signs that are not convinced by the opinions of others – The Seventh Day

Written by Iman Hakim

Sunday, December 3, 2023 10:00 AM

Some people prefer to listen to others to learn their opinions on any topic, but others do not prefer to listen to any opinion other than their own because they are convinced that they understand more than anyone else. These people believe that they belong to some of the astrological signs that we review in this report, according to what Maya Naji, an expert, indicated. Science of Horoscopes.

Astrological signs do not believe in the opinions of others


maybe For those born under the sign of Leo He consults his friends and those close to him on any issue related to his life, but he implements his own advice without thinking about the advice of those around him, as he is not convinced by any opinion different from his own.


Although a Cancer is an intelligent person, he is quick to get emotional. He is not convinced by the opinions of others. He sometimes imposes his opinions on others, and because he is a stubborn person, it is sometimes difficult to discuss with him. However, he is a strong personality who adheres to his opinions and has broad imaginative thinking.


Sometimes it is difficult to convince a Taurus of some opinions, so he always thinks that he is right, and because he is extremely stubborn, he cannot be convinced by anyone’s opinions, even if they are the same as if he is right, so he withdraws from any discussion that differs from his opinion.


Virgo refuses to discuss and may postpone it until the next period. Virgo is also known to be quick to anger, adheres to his opinions tightly even if they are wrong, and sometimes turns the tables on the other party.

Dismiss the opinions of others

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