the zebra was waded by his mother and sister

Mother his wife, Majoros Hajnalka he told of an old accident that changed the lives of his entire family.

Majoros Hajnalka a Hot! magazine he revivedthat at the age of fourteen he received a blood-curdling phone call: a stranger said only “I’ll give a little girl” and then Hajni’s sister, Brigi reported their accident.

As it turned out, Brigit and their mother were hit by the zebra by an old man. “Mom had a pelvic fracture; by the time I got there, he was already in the ambulance. Brigi was fourth at the time, was being treated in the hospital for a month and a half, with screws placed on her knees. I will never forget the way he lay there on the floor, I covered him with my coatHajnalka said.

The accident changed our lives and Brigi’s personality changed radically. Until then, he was a sensitive, crying child, but after that things almost drifted away from him, he became stronger, more determined, and he became very serious.He added.

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