Kai Ebel happy with return of Formula 1 on RTL: “This will be the year of Verstappen!”

Kai Ebel was already active during 498 Grand Prix weekends and caused a furore not only in Germany but also in the Netherlands as a TV presenter during the Formula 1 broadcasts on RTL Germany. After Sky Sports acquired the broadcasting rights with our eastern neighbors, however, a long period in which Ebel could be seen on TV came to an end. Nevertheless, he will return a few times soon. RacingNews365 spoke to the flamboyant presenter.

Hey Kai, did we hear that the fans can see you again at the Grand Prix of Emilia Romagna?
“Good day there”, Ebel starts his answer cheerfully as always in Dutch. “It’s all right, the GPs of Emilia Romagna and Spain can be seen on RTL Deutschland and I will be able to do my work from location as usual! I am really very happy with that, because I think that we can deliver great work with RTL,” as we have done in the past. In addition, I already have 498 GPs to my name and now I can go for my 499th and 500th Grand Prix! “

“The great thing about it is that RTL broadcasted Formula 1 live for the first time on TV during the Imola GP in 1994. Because we are now also starting there again, it completes the circle. My first GP in Formula 1 was in Spain, however. in 1992, when I was still working for the radio. So that circle will also be complete again, because I will be working there for the 500th time during a GP weekend in Formula 1! “

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What great news Kai, what can fans expect from RTL?
“As always, we will be reporting exclusively on the Grand Prix weekend. The TV rights in Germany are with Sky, but they have to broadcast four races a year on the public network and luckily we can broadcast those races. We will do that. With for example Nico Hulkenberg, who you all know in the Netherlands! He will be present as a racing expert and therefore analyze the race. I will also be present at the circuit and try to arrange various interviews there as usual. I don’t know yet which interviews it concerns, so that will remain a surprise for now. “

How do you envision the season?
“I think it will be a great year for Max Verstappen! I recently spoke with his manager Raymond Vermeulen and then I reminded him that I always said that I would be there when Max became champion. Now I am happy here. again, so let it be the year of Max. I really think it’s in and actually there are several reasons for that. In the first race he was already very strong, only luck was still on the side of Lewis Hamilton and Mercedes , but it won’t stay that way all year round. “

“Also from the German perspective I hope for a reason that Hamilton will not take the eighth title. As a German I hope that Michael Schumacher will still stand on seven titles together with Hamilton, so that there will always be talk about Schumacher. . “

And speaking of your countrymen, how are they going to do it?
“Let’s hope Mick Schumacher will do well, but above all he will have to learn a lot this year. He drives a slow car of course, so we shouldn’t expect him to be able to show much. Mick is very eager to learn and I know. certainly that he will make great strides this season. In the coming years, however, partly due to the car he drives in, we should not expect him to compete at the front. “

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Thank you for your time Kai and good luck at the upcoming races!
“Just a moment, because I want to take the opportunity to thank the Dutch race fans! Last year it seemed that we would not return with RTL and then I received a lot of messages from the Social Media channels. Dutch fans who told me to return. I would like to thank them very much for that, it is very nice to read all those messages! Thanks for that! “


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