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The World’s Longest Aircraft and Largest Spherical Structure: Pathfinder 1 and MSG Sphere

The 122-meter-long, 28-ton Pathfinder 1 aircraft, which is scheduled to take off in test mode later this year, is expected to revolutionize air travel as it will be the longest aircraft in the world. It should be noted that the longest aircraft currently in operation is the “Boeing 747-8” with 76 meters.

Airship “Pathfinder 1” Photo: Publicity photo

According to Brin, “Pathfinder 1” could in the near future transport cargo in an environmentally friendly way, as well as deliver goods to areas affected by natural disasters. Perhaps, one day, luxury versions of such aircraft could carry passengers who want to fly leisurely in a couple of days, for example, from London to New York.

Largest spherical structure in the world

Together with the host of the program “Building the Impossible with Daniel Asheville”, viewers will be able to look behind the scenes of the design and construction of the most ambitious structure of recent years – the MSG Sphere. The construction cost is almost as impressive as the structure itself, at $2.3 billion (approximately €2.1 billion).

MSG Sphere Photo: Publicity photo

Initially, the cost was planned to be 1.2 billion dollars (1.1 billion euros), but due to world events, it has more than doubled. It should be noted that the sphere is the most expensive structure ever built in the state of Nevada.

Located in the “sin city” of Las Vegas, the sphere is 111 meters high and 157 meters wide. It was designed by a global architecture firm that has previously designed the world’s best sports arenas. 1.2 million light-emitting diodes are placed on the body of the sphere, which allows you to create dynamic images on it – it can be the moon, a basketball, a pumpkin, and many other things.

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