The “WISH 2020” summit focuses on mental health issues

From the last conference of the “WISH” summit in Doha (The New Arab)

The World Innovation Summit focuses on Healthcare “Wish”, which will be held virtually from 15 to 19 November next, on mental health issues in general, and with children and adolescents in particular, stressing that Digital tools Designed to meet mental health needs has become an urgent necessity, and not just a future luxury, as it focuses on climate change, sustainability, andCorona Virus.

The conference publishes a report entitled “The Digital Revolution for Mental Health: Transforming Care Through Innovation and Scale-up”, prepared by an international group led by Helen Christensen, Director of the Black Dog Institute in Australia. The report notes that “mental health disorders are among the most common. Health needs Important, and it affects one out of every three people around the world, and is among the main causes of disability, and causes about eight million deaths annually, nearly a million of them due to suicide. “

The report concludes that “the gap between the treatment people need and what the current health care systems can provide is very large, as it can only be filled by a revolution in access, quality and participation through technology.” New from Digital Innovations for Mental Health, “in collaboration with experts in digital mental health.
Helen Christensen said, in a statement issued by the Qatar Foundation, on Sunday: “We know that mental health problems, drugs and alcohol are the main cause of disability around the world, and now, with the (Covid-19) virus, 75 percent of the population reports problems. Psychological, and to deal with this huge interventions that reach millions of people are needed, and digital interventions and services are the best way to do that, and it is a problem facing the governments of all countries. “

The theme of the summit, “Our Health in One World“, emphasizes the vision of the WISH summit in pursuit of a common goal of creating a healthier world. The summit’s work spans over a period of five days. The interactive virtual format will facilitate discussions of ten health care topics and existing policy recommendations On the evidence.
The World Innovation Summit for Health Care (WISH) is one of the international initiatives that aims to “support and encourage innovation in the provision of health care services in various parts of the world. The conference was launched during the World Summit on Health Care Policy in London, on the first of August 2012. The conference is held periodically every two years, and the inaugural edition of the conference was held in Doha in 2013, with the participation of more than a thousand health care pioneers around the world.

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