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The next series of popular reality shows Like House is over! After almost three months of filming, the influencers leave the villa and one of them takes half a million crowns in addition to their experiences! Both the competitors and the spectators decided on the winner. Who won the most favor and the most votes?

The villa, which the influencers had occupied for almost three months, is already empty. A total of 8 participants fought for the main prize. She represented the girls’ party Liubov Tupiková alias Lyubov, Simona Tvardek, Hanka Gelnárová a Silvia Dellaiwho took turns in the villa Dominika Myslivcová. The boys were represented Sebastian Lyang |, Lukáš Tůma alias Luktuma, Vojtěch Medlen and David Dvořák, who stayed in the villa for only a few weeks. He came as a substitute for Davida Nguenawhich was excluded from the “competition”.

They all had a big advantage. They knew very well what they were getting into and could learn from the mistakes of previous participants in previous series. Who did the best?

This was decided not only by the spectators by voting, but also by the participants themselves, as in the previous series. In each of them, the winners were men. Historically, the first series of popular reality shows won, albeit closely, youtuber Type. In the second series, on the contrary, he clearly won the line Tadeáš Kuběnka.

Like House 3: Winner

The latest series offered a very interesting spectacle. There were a lot of well-known and successful influencers among the competitors. Nevertheless, the favorite to win, judging by the comments from the fans after revealing the names of the participants, was clear from the very beginning!

As soon as the filming started, Simona Tvardek became the candidate for the win of half a million crowns. The self-confident native of Frýdek-Místek won the hearts of thousands of people mainly through her open demeanor. The audience loved what bothered the other participants.

Simona doesn’t take napkins with anyone, she says everything she has on her tongue.She also confirmed this in an interview for when asked what her attitude is towards other participants: “Participants call me like a saint, I’ll tell you normally plainly,” Simon laughs. And who the most? “Everyone, everyone is with me,” she added.

She managed to maintain her position from the very beginning. In the spectator vote, she overwhelmed the other participants and also made it to the end. She managed to turn the situation around and became the first winner of the reality show Like House 3!

Like House 3 was won by Simona Tvardek

Out of all eight participants, Simona Tvardek did the best, and she is the one who takes home half a million crowns in addition to experiences, memories and new experiences.
If the winner was decided by the competitors themselves, but Simona would finish in last place. In the voting in the villa, it was at the lowest ranks, the competitors themselves saw the biggest opponent in it and they tried to throw the imaginary crown at negative points. But the fans love Simon, so with their votes they managed to secure her a sovereign victory.
Although the young participant in the villa did not show emotions, the victory brought her to tears. All the more so when her prize was handed over to her by her best friend, Tadeáš Kuběnka.

“Tadeáš said he bet on me that I was his racehorse. I didn’t have the money, he fed me. He said he bet on me and that I would give it back to him once I won Like House. A larger amount will go to Tadeáš, well. I’ll invite him a few times to eat, I’ll pay him at least one rent, I don’t know, “ Simon told her shortly after finding out that she had won.

“I’m very happy, that’s for sure. I’m glad I didn’t disappoint my gay man who won two. I have the best fans, I was the last in scoring from the villa, the spectator pulled me to first place. “I’m authentic, people enjoy it. They don’t like looking at people who pretend to be great and aren’t.” concluded Simona with the knowledge of what she gained fans in an interview with Prima television, which broadcasts the reality show Like House.

He has clear plans to win, he is moving to Prague!

“I would definitely move to Prague, I’ll get a roommate so I don’t pay the same money as Thaddeus. There’s always something to do in Prague, isn’t it?” Simča laughs in an interview for

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