Fernando Ortiz, from not appearing in America a year ago to working his way to the front of the first team

Raul Herrera took Fernando Ortiz to America because he met him some time ago and was convinced by his simple way of being

America made the hiring official Ferdinand Ortiz as a technician for Opening 2022however, just a year ago, the name “Tano” did not sound at all in Coapa until one day, Raul Herrera He decided to take him to the blue-cream basic forces.

“I knew Fer for a long time before. Since he was in Argentina and I was training in Spain. I tried to bring him to Villarreal from the club where he worked. Fernando It attracts you that from the first moment he convinces you in everything, in the way of being, in the way of expressing himself, in the tranquility that he has, giving normality to everything, he is such a simple guy that causes you admiration that he is so simple and has very good hand with the player,” said Herrera.

Ortiz played a good role in the U-20 category of the azulcremas while the project of Santiago Solari at the head of the first team sank, which is why the ‘Indiecito’ was dismissed and then appeared Ortiz as a firefighter

“He takes me in a difficult situation because being a technician of any institution, nobody likes the possibility that you will not continue working. It’s my turn, it’s an interim that I take with the responsibility that it deserves for the institution so big that is, I am calm and I trust my ability”, he said Ortiz he barely took office.

At first, ‘Tano’ arrived for a few days while they found another technician; however, his numbers kept him in the position, since of the 13 games he directed, he won seven, drew four and lost two.

Similarly, in that period, he only received 10 goals and scored 20 touchdowns. The Eagles reached the semi-finals of the tournament after hitting the bottom of the general table and this earned Ortiz to stay in position despite all the doubts he generated at the beginning.

“I think that the way he is working and uniting the locker room so that he can improve during the season deserves continuity. I think the guy is working very well, apart from the fact that he has not yet won absolutely anything, but taking a team like Americasit on that powder keg that is the America and make it from seventeenth to fifth place, I think it has to deserve an award”, said Antonio Carlos Santos a ESPN.

The success of Ortiz in Coapa is the humane treatment they have. He is a strategist close to the player who knows how to convince him. In addition, the detail of not going to his mother’s funeral in Argentina to stay with the team was an action that the footballers valued the most to open the doors to the strategist.

“I have always been like this and not only in my profession, I believe that the individual player always needs that support from the human side because in reality we are all human. This does not stop being a sport and as I always tell them, it is the sport that they they did since they were kids, they must put aside the pressure that exists in this profession and let them do what they did when they were little when they enjoyed the ball”, said ‘Tano’.

Ortiz He will no longer have the interim tag the next tournament. He is now the official coach of the America and as such it will be required. Ortiz you already know that in Coapa time is running out and directing the America it can be a golden dream or a cruel nightmare.

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