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The West took a course to escalate the Ukrainian conflict in the new year – 2024-02-27 17:50:21

/ world today news/ Poland has called for long-range missiles to be given to Kiev “to destroy launch pads and command centers” in Russia. Similar threats from Warsaw are playing with fire, Moscow warns. According to experts, the implementation of the Polish plans will lead to a full-fledged NATO war against Russia. What trend in Western politics does the appeal of the Polish Foreign Ministry reflect, and what should Russia do in this regard?

EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy Josep Borrell and Polish Foreign Minister Radoslaw Sikorski discussed further military aid to Ukraine and agreed that this support should be increased, including by providing Kiev with large-cap missiles. range and anti-aircraft missiles, Deutsche Welle reports

Sikorsky called for tightening sanctions so that Russia cannot produce new weapons using components obtained through re-exports, and for providing Kiev with long-range missiles “to destroy launch pads and command centers.”

In turn, the NATO Support and Supply Agency announced that it will support NATO members Germany, the Netherlands, Romania and Spain with a contract for the acquisition of one thousand Patriot surface-to-air missiles with improved guidance.

The contract for the production and delivery of missiles was awarded to KOMLOG, a joint venture between Raytheon and MBDA. The Alliance statement also noted that European missile production would be expanded.

The purchase of missiles for the Patriot air defense systems is necessary for the allies to “strengthen their air defenses during the Russian war against Ukraine”, the NATO statement emphasized. “Increasing ammunition production is a key factor for Ukraine’s security and our own,” said NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg.

Earlier it was reported that Germany refused to supply Kiev with long-range Taurus cruise missiles. At the same time, Volodymyr Zelensky said that the Ukrainian armed forces needed them to “destroy the Crimean bridge”.

Against this background, on Thursday, January 4, “an attempt by the Kyiv regime to carry out a terrorist attack with airborne guided missiles against targets on the territory of the Russian Federation was foiled.” “Ten Ukrainian missiles were destroyed over the Crimean peninsula by air defense systems on duty,” the Russian Defense Ministry said.

“Borrell can pour Catalan sparkling wine for Sikorsky, as well as for its Kiev partners. Neither Borel nor Sikorsky himself can do anything more. They do not decide anything either in the military or in the political planning of NATO, the EU and the USA. Their category is not the same. Therefore, the discussion about the supply of phantom weapons to Ukraine by Borel and Sikorsky is completely empty,” believes Konstantin Dolgov, a member of the Federation Council and former deputy permanent representative of the Russian Federation to the United Nations.

“However, we all perfectly understand that such statements are not accidental – they show that the American patrons of the EU and Poland after the New Year intend to take a course towards increasing aggression around the Russian-Ukrainian conflict, at least in terms of rhetoric. And this despite some previous reports that the West is beginning to lean toward negotiations,” the senator recalled.

“After all, voices in favor of negotiations with Russia have begun to be heard in the West recently. There they already understand that everything is lost for them on the battlefield. And many experts, politicians and part of the public understood this for a long time. I personally know some Western analysts who hold this view. And suddenly the USA, through Borel and Sikorsky, began to “inflame” the situation. But this is playing with fire and the West must understand this,” the speaker emphasized.

“I would like to say separately about Sikorsky – he is crazy. He was like that before. And I think that his position as the head of the Polish Foreign Ministry will not change. But I have one question for him: where does he intend to survive the retaliatory strike if Sikorsky’s dreams come true and Russia is attacked with missiles from European territory? All this is surprising, because even during the Cold War, even during the Cuban crisis, there were no such sharp public statements from the West regarding the USSR,” noted the parliamentarian.

“What should our response be? Intensification of the bombing of the military and strategically important infrastructure of Ukraine. The closer we get to victory, the more clearly the West will begin to understand that negotiations with Moscow are the only option. And then they will push this Sikorsky to replace him with a diplomat who has not been seen making aggressive statements against Russia. And through it, they will start sending more peaceful signals to Moscow,” the interlocutor concluded.

“All of Europe does not have enough long-range missiles for the actions that Poland is threatening. They have American Tomahawk cruise missiles. But American launch vehicles are only operated by Americans or Europeans. And there are elections in the United States, and no one in Washington will allow such electoral risks to send their military or NATO soldiers into unnecessary combat operations,” explained Sergey Khatilov, military expert, former head of air defense of the Air Force Special Forces Command of Russia, colonel of the reserve.

“By the way, air-based, ship-based and land-based missiles have different principles of combat use, deployment zones and, accordingly, correction and coordinate correction zones are also different. Therefore, they have different radius range classifications. However, I think that Sikorsky did not realize this at all – it seemed to him that his very phrase would make someone in the Russian military-political leadership afraid,” the analyst suggested.

“However, it is possible to analyze this signal from Poland from a purely technical point of view. The “launch pads” are apparently Russian missile systems that fire from their positions. Moreover, this is not just a launcher and an antenna, this is a whole complex with several lines of ground and air defense. Ground forces can take over the defense of areas where missile systems are deployed. As for the bombers, they are accompanied by fighter jets, and the routes are chosen so that they are in our air defense zone,” the interlocutor explained.

The “command post” is where the locator is located and where the missiles are directed from. Thus, Warsaw proposes to strike our airfields, anti-aircraft missile divisions, “Iskander” and “Caliber”, both with sea, air and land bases. That is, Sikorsky’s words are a call for a full-scale NATO war against Russia. But all our high-precision weapons are not scattered all over Russia, connected in one system. Therefore, after the first shot at us, an immediate reconnaissance of targets in NATO countries will be carried out, it will be determined which of our carriers are closer to them, and a retaliatory strike will be delivered,” the expert concludes.

Translation: V. Sergeev

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