The weather forecaster Yankov with a long-term forecast for the summer, the precipitation will be …

“Outerwear and umbrella in the morning will be a necessary accessory for the coming days. Lovers of high mountains should limit their walks. From today begins a period of frequent rainfall. Will be more intense in Western Bulgaria,” said forecaster Peter Yankov in “Bulgaria in the Morning”.

He added that the rains will be accompanied by thunder. The weather forecaster noted that on Saturday and Sunday the clouds will be significant.

“Temperatures will still be between 27 and 31 degrees on Saturday. With rainfall expected in the afternoon across the country and thunderstorms, there will be cooling. On Sunday, temperatures will drop by about 5 to 7 degrees and the maximum in Sofia will be around 20-21. On Monday the temperatures will stay between 22 and 29 degrees, “Yankov told Bulgaria ON AIR.

The weather forecaster explained that after the middle of the week a longer sunny and warm period begins. He pointed out that this year June 1 will be very sunny and high temperatures, and such weather is expected until June 5. The guest noted that from 5 to 10 June the weather will be more dynamic with rainfall, which will be more intense around 6 and 10 June.

“In the long run, the summer is expected to be less rainy. June to be drier. There will be a little more rainfall than normal in the western regions. Dry weather with lower temperatures. Average temperatures along the Black Sea coast are expected to be low. lower than normal. Temperatures for July and August will be normal. Relatively dry, with less rainfall, “said Yankov.

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