The Waiting Equation: TRINITY’s 4th Anniversary Concert and TWILIGHT Fan Club Name Announcement by 4NOLOGUE

The Waiting Equation: TRINITY’s 4th Anniversary Concert and TWILIGHT Fan Club Name Announcement by 4NOLOGUE

It’s called the waiting equation. TWILIGHT (Twilight: fan club name) when 4NOLOGUE (4NOLOGUE) announce! Organizing a big concert for the 4th anniversary of the important journey of TRINITY (Trinity) Third Lapas, Porsche Siwakorn, Jackie Jakrin in 2023 TRINITY BREATH OF DESIRE CONCERT Held on Sunday, September 17th at Impact Arena, it was also the 4th anniversary of TRINITY and TWILIGHT’s debut.

Open up the most fun with the splendor of light, color, sound, including the design of a large stage. that covers the ground floor area of ​​IMPACT Arena, where the audience will see the view from above Experience watching a concert in a new angle. In addition, this concert also has a design show that combines art and performance. and various show techniques put together perfectly To make the audience feel like they have fallen into the world of the movie rather than watching past concerts. And what made the audience in IMPACT Arena stunned by the grandeur when 4NOLOGUE created a highlight scene by having the three young men of TRINITY drive a Lamborghini Super Sports Car and a Super S. Luxurious UV on stage this time Not including the lighting equipment and sound system, it can be said that the production was fully prepared especially for TRINITY’s 4th anniversary concert, which if we called it The Best Concert of this year, it wouldn’t be wrong.

In addition to the light, color, sound, and full production The three young men also put together a set list, showing off their singing and dancing skills for almost 3 hours, with good energy, without missing a beat, almost 30 songs in the concert, including the band’s national anthem and newly re-arranged songs, whether it be “LIFE AIN’T OVER”, “NOBODY”, “100 DAYS”, “Haters got nothing”, “Kor Mai Mai (Congrats)”, “I Don’t Miss You”, “Hidden Track”, “IOU”, “Oh! Oh!”, “The Lucky One”, “THANK YOU ALL” etc.

That’s not enough. There are still younger generations in black buildings like DVI Let’s add color to the stage in the song. “SUGAR”, “Second Chance” Girls bXd who came to perform their new single for the first time on this stage with the song “Don’t wanna miss you” And we couldn’t miss the special guest from Japan. BALLISTIK BOYZ from EXILE TRIBE that comes with a hot show From the beginning to the end of the concert, every part was called a highlight. It was the first big concert. And the celebration of the 4th anniversary is the most complete. Can follow behind the scenes Impression picture and every movement on all 4NOLOGUE and TRINITY social media channels.

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