The Voice of Kids season 3 starts and who are the new jury members for the program

Through our website, we present to you the date of the start of the third season’s Voice Kids program and the jury members of the program, as this program is one of the most important programs dedicated to discovering children’s talents in all parts of the Arab world, and it has a great follow-up rate from all individuals, where millions of individuals submit and fight Big tests, before you win access to the program and start browsing talents on the screen in front of everyone.

When to start the Voice Kids program

The Voice Kids program is shown exclusively on MBC channel, and since the beginning of the program it has passed through many phases distributed to the members of the jury, which are at the beginning of the stage of sound only, and in which each referee selects his team from among all the votes in the competition, In preparation for entering the largest and strongest stages to choose among members of one team.

When to show the program

The first episodes of That Voice Kids program will be shown on Saturday, 4/1/2020, at eight thirty in the Cairo time on MBC Egypt, in order for all members of the jury to discuss the sweetest voice among the lyrical talents that exist. And stands on the stage in order to show their singing talents in front of coaches and the public, and members of the jury and is until now “Tamer Hosni, Nancy Ajram, Kazem El Saher.”

The Voice Kids stages

The first stage begins tomorrow, Saturday, and lasts for six consecutive weeks to choose the votes for each team, and then only two episodes of confrontations for each team, then one episode for the last confrontation, and the final episode in which one of the young participants is crowned the title, and it is mentioned that in the previous season, Hamzah Labeed won from Morocco, and Lynn Hayek preceded it from Lebanon.

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