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The Viral Story of My Mother Pregnant with My Girlfriend’s Child, Like a Soap Opera But It’s Real


Being cheated on by your partner can really hurt, especially if it’s done by the people you really care about. While parents should be protectors and the most comfortable place to express their feelings, this woman was betrayed by her own mother.

Reporting from eva.vn, a woman named Vanessa Jules, who is an American, told her bitter story via her TikTok account @julesv0923. He said that he was betrayed by an important person in his life.

“I was hurt by the most important woman in my life,” explained Vanessa.

Vanessa told that at that time she and her friends were going to Mexico. On the way, Vanessa missed her mother and decided to call.


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At first Vanessa called to ask about the condition and health of the mother. But when the mother picked up the phone, the mother suddenly burst into tears. Vanessa panicked. He thought that the mother might be in trouble.

Two days later Vanessa called again to check on her mother. His mother admitted that she was very tired. Vanessa continues to try to find out what really happened to her mother, until Vanessa finally learns a shocking fact.

The mother said that she was pregnant. At first Vanessa was so happy to hear the news and tried to comfort and advise her mother. But her happiness suddenly disappeared after Vanessa found out who the father of the child her mother was carrying.

Apparently the father of the child is none other than Vanessa’s lover, John. So far, her mother and her lover have been having an affair behind Vanessa’s back, even going so far as to have a child together.

Knowing the truth, Vanessa immediately decided to return to the United States from her vacation with her friends in Mexico. Vanessa still hopes that all of this is not true and is just a misunderstanding.

When Vanessa returns, her boyfriend denies the affair with Vanessa’s mother. Not only that, he also threatened Vanessa not to end the relationship.

Feeling so hurt by the behavior of her lover and mother, Vanessa decided to move. Since then he has never contacted his girlfriend and mother again.

Vanessa’s love story then quickly stole the attention of netizens. Not a few seemed to participate in giving comments.

“Thought it only existed in movies, but it happened in real life,” commented one netizen.

“How could a mother do this to her daughter? Too bad this happened,” added another netizen.

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