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Immunologist Václav Hořejší stated in an interview for Reflex in connection with the end of the mandatory wearing of veils in buildings or public transport (except for the Moravian-Silesian Region and the Prague metro), that it would keep the measures for the time being. Health Minister Adam Vojtěch sees no reason for this.

“Where there is a local outbreak, drapes remain mandatory. But in the rest of the regions, if we have almost zero seizures of new cases, it is probably not absolutely necessary to have a blanket of veils, “he said. At the same time, he appealed that those who feel the symptoms of a respiratory disease should put on the veil voluntarily.

Physicians-politicians Jan Žaloudík and Vlastimil Válek, on the other hand, think that the end of the veil could have come faster. “I don’t think we did anything wrong in the beginning, and then we could have started to slow down sooner,” Senator Žaloudík assessed the course of the measures during the covidu-19 pandemic. According to MP Válka, the obligation to protect your mouth and nose in buildings or public transport would no longer have to be absolute even in the Karviná and Frýdek-Místek regions.

However, he appreciated the fact that for some time the veils were worn automatically outside. “The veil has become something that is not a disgrace, which is not just ‘protecting myself’ ‘but especially in the case of any cold, in the case of an infectious disease that spreads by droplets,’ I protect the surroundings’. One now consistently realized how often he was selfish when he had a cold, when he coughed, walked among people, climbed a bus and had no veil, “says Válek.

The doctor and rector of Charles University, Tomáš Zima, who joined the call for a quick release of restrictions in April, perceives the obligation of veils similarly – as an example that it is normal to wear it in case of respiratory disease. But he insists that the easing of measures could have been faster. He sees no reason to maintain the restrictions after the initial weeks, given that covid-19 in most people runs without more serious symptoms.

“I remember before Easter, when the hobby markets opened, there were people here who said there would be thousands of fans and hundreds dead. It didn’t come true, “he reminded.

He stressed that humanity will no longer get rid of the new type of coronavirus. “We have to learn to live with a disease called covid-19. On the positive side, I believe that when the sleet comes in the fall and people have a cold, they wear veils, they will be considerate, more people will pay attention to normal hygiene, such as washing hands. This eliminates the most risks, “remark Rector Zima.

The problem of Karviná

For the Minister of Health, however, the coronavirus episode with July 1 and another wave of disintegration is far from over. He still has to deal with the situation in the part of the Moravian-Silesian region where the disease has spread among miners.

“It simply came to our notice then. In short, the disease is in this locality. It is very difficult to say exactly how the outbreak started in OKD, “remarked Adam Vojtěch.

Opposition MP Vlastimil Válek is disappointed with the situation in the Karviná region – where hundreds of positive tests began to come daily during the comprehensive testing of OKD employees. “I hoped that after those two months, the experts and expert commissions had gained so much experience that they would be able to catch something like this in time and prevent similar spread by preventive measures. I firmly hope that this was the last such episode, “he emphasized.

Adam Vojtěch called for personal responsibility in connection with the spread of covid-19 in the Karviná region. “Everyone must behave in such a way that they do not transmit the disease if they observe the symptoms of a respiratory disease,” he stressed.

However, Jan Žaloudík questioned that such challenges would have a great effect. “He warned (the minister) that they should start behaving responsibly. Of course, they will also stop smoking, stop driving fast, they will not be angry in all aspects. Enlightenment is necessary, appeals are necessary, and I hope that we will once again discuss what the virus caused us and what we caused ourselves, “he expects.

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