The US sells HIMARS to Poland for $10 billion

The United States intends to sell multiple-launch missile systems to Poland HIMARS and related munitions for about $10 billion, AP reported.

“The State Department has decided to approve the potential sale of HIMARS systems and related equipment worth approximately $10 billion to Poland,” the statement said.

It is noted that on February 7, the department notified Congress of its plans to sold such weapons to Warsaw.

Poland has requested 18 HIMARS units, 468 charge modules, 45 ATACMS missiles, over 460 other missiles, including guided missiles, as well as spare parts for the MLRS, the statement said.

Germany wants to produce HIMARS

Projectile production increases

Earlier, Bloomberg reported on US plans to sell HIMARS to Poland, citing its sources.

“The US plans to sell to Poland HIMARS for about 10 billion dollars, including ammunition and other weapons“, two unnamed officials told the agency.

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