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The US and the EU are preparing a union for chips

The pandemic provoked a series of events that led to a global shortage of chips. All sectors are affected, from computer technology to cars and household appliances, technews.bg reports.

Industry analysts believe the deficit will continue until 2022. Last month, IBM President Jim Whitehurst said the deficit could continue for another two years.

The EU has the ambition to increase its share of the global chip market from 10% to 20%. About $ 150 billion will be invested for this purpose. The United States has provided $ 52 billion to support domestic chip production.

The new union will also include working groups on:

  • AI;
  • internet of things;
  • climate;
  • green technologies;
  • security of information and communication technologies.

In addition to reviewing cooperation and standards in these several areas, the groups will assess “technology abuse that threatens security and human rights.”

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