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The Ukrainians have announced the hunt for Igor Girkin

The money will be given for the capture of a living “former Defense Minister of the DPR” who could go to fight in Ukraine. Sergei Sternenko was the first to offer $ 10,000 from his personal savings.

In Ukraine, they announced the hunt for the former “Defense Minister of the DPR”, the terrorist Igor Strelkov (Girkin). Former leader of the Odessa branch of the “right sector” Sergei Sternenko proposed on Twitter, $ 10,000 for capturing a live gunman.

Sternenko will pay Strelkov’s extradition from his personal savings.

“I will give $ 10,000 from my personal savings to anyone who takes Girkin prisoner,” Sternenko said.

Subsequently, the lead singer of the Ukrainian group “Antitelya” Taras Topolya joined the idea. He offered a similar amount for the terrorist and added that Girkin has yet to answer for the crash of the Malaysian Airlines Boeing, shot down in the Donetsk region on July 17, 2014.

Ukrainian military writer Valery Marco added another $ 10,000 for Girkin. Therefore, anyone who captures the militant alive will receive $ 30,000 net.

Focus previously wrote that Miroslava Reginskaya, wife of Igor Strelkov, he hinted at his sending to the front. The terrorist actively criticized the military leadership of the Russian Federation, but since 10 October he has suddenly disappeared from the network.

Reginskaya on October 15 showed a photo with Girkin dressed in Russian army camouflage uniforms.

In Russia, they have begun to scrutinize military bloggers who criticize the command and course of the war in Ukraine. The list includes Girkin, Semyon Pegov (WarGonzo), Yuri Podolyaka, Vladlen Tatarsky, the authors of the Rybar and Gray-Zone Telegram channels, and others.

Military bloggers can be prosecuted for discrediting the Russian military and publishing fake news.

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