the trompe-l’oeil plate of a Top Chef candidate makes Internet users hallucinate (VIDEO)

This Wednesday, February 24, Arnaud, candidate for season 12 of Top Chef, has been talked about a lot on Twitter. In question ? His trompe-l’oeil plate in the shape of a… toilet bowl!

Aired this Wednesday, February 24, the third episode of Top Chef 2021 was rich in twists and turns. During the second round, the teams of Philippe Etchebest and Michel Sarran competed in their imagination to seduce the two-star Spanish chef, Andoni Aduriz. To do this, each candidate had to make a trompe-l’oeil plate. And the least we can say is that Arnaud was very inspired. Confident, the 33-year-old sous chef chose to reproduce a toilet bowl with a chocolate cream “for the poop“(as he so elegantly explained), an infusion of black tea for the bottom of the toilet and leaves of milk for the paper. An original idea that left Michel Sarran speechless.”It is a very special step, a very daring bet. I do not know how far Andoni Aduriz will accept to be provoked. There, we are at the extreme limit. Hit or miss“, reacted the star of the stove.

“What a masterclass this Arnaud”

Unsurprisingly, Arnaud’s bowl aroused many reactions on Twitter. While some found his dessert very funny, others thought they were hallucinating. “So there is a guy in Top Chef who just made a toilet with a poo and a pq with an extra ‘flush’ ??? WTF what a masterclass this Arnaud“, “Arnaud’s plate of shit in Top Chef I’m still not getting over it blows me up“, “During the trompe l’oeil test, Arnaud made a gastro dish. Literally“, “France in the streets tomorrow to rise up against this insult to gastronomy, the flagship of our country“, can we read on the social network.

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Chef Andoni Aduriz not at all convinced

My god, my god, my god …“, Andoni Aduriz reacted when he discovered Arnaud’s dessert.”You took the challenge very seriously“, he continued.”I have to take that as a compliment then? “, retorted the candidate.”I don’t know, I really don’t know … But in any case, it’s daring“said the Spanish chef, who finally dismissed the” toilet bowl “plate before tasting.”I think it’s almost too obvious. We don’t have to go to this extreme“, he explained. And to conclude:”My respects because I am convinced that you are a great professional.“It was finally Mathieu Vande Velde who left the competition.

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