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the travel sector calls for banks

The travel sector is encountering difficulties with banks to obtain loans guaranteed by the State, deplored Jean-Pierre Mas, president of Travel Companies at the microphone of radio Europe 1 on Saturday.

The banks considered our industry to be blacklist, a risky sector, so bankers no longer offer guaranteed state loans that they should accept, criticized Mr. Mas, president of the union representing French tour operators.

This is a real problem for the survival of companies in our sector, whose activity has been reduced by 5% for a month, he underlined, expecting the disappearances of a certain number of companies, and a more rapid movement towards the digitization of the sector after the crisis.

Asked about the idea of ​​a vaccination passport against Covid-19, Mr. Mas suggested the launch of a health certificate.

France has an opportunity to anticipate by creating not a vaccination passport but a health certificate that will allow us to see if we meet the varying requirements of each country, he said.

This certificate could, according to him, perfectly resemble a QR code on a mobile phone and would not only include vaccinations but also anti-Covid 19 tests.

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One could imagine that to enter a restaurant, the restaurateur requires and is his right either a vaccine or a negative PCR test, details Mr. Mas.

Several European countries have announced the launch of a vaccination passport against Covid-19, but the idea of ​​such a pass is divided within the European Union.

The French Minister for Transport said he was in favor on Friday of solutions for digitizing documents related to the Covid-19 crisis to facilitate air travel, but stressed that the debate on a vaccine passport was not yet settled.

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