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The time for digital transformation has come

Do not the global reset imposed by the Covid-19 pandemic and the work in progress on the new development model represent a historic opportunity for Morocco to move towards the digital economy?

The year 2020 remains largely marked by the Covid-19 pandemic. A pandemic which is accelerating a phenomenon already underway: the digital transformation of entire sectors of the Moroccan economy and society.

A bank that is launching a digital service, a national airline that is continuing its digitalization initiatives and relies on the electronic platform of the PortNet one-stop shop, a ministry of justice that tries to organize judgment sessions through video conferences, a a school, a high school or a university which supports its face-to-face teaching with distance learning, a company that experiences work outside its walls, elsewhere than in the factory or the office. And the list is long. Not a sector, not an activity, not a public or private organization, not a ministry or a bank or a university which has not set to telework or remote work. With more or less failures and successes.

The Covid-19 crisis has only amplified and accelerated a long-term trend, born from the extension of the network and connected tools, to the decompartmentalization of working and leisure time. Admittedly, not all sectors and all trades are going to embrace digital transformation overnight. This more advanced process in industrialized countries is nevertheless making its way in countries like ours.

A historic opportunity

Also, the global reset, which is quite in its early stages, imposed by the Covid-19 pandemic and the work in progress on the new development model do not represent a historic opportunity for Morocco to s ‘move towards the digital economy to become the regional digital champion? Yes it is possible, provided that you have not only the necessary IT equipment but above all the digital skills which must cover all aspects of professional life.

With the continued emergence of technological innovations, Morocco needs more options than ever to acquire new skills throughout life and succeed in an era of permanent digital transformation. Hence the need to put in place a real strategy to move towards the digital economy. A first step, among others, has just been taken in this direction.

Following research that lasted several months, a white paper dedicated to the strategic issue of the employability of digital talents was recently unveiled. Supported by the Huawei group and technically produced by the strategy consulting firms Guépard and Think One, this “Digital Talent Review” constitutes a contribution to the reflection of public authorities and the private sector. in order to take Morocco’s efforts in digital education to the next level.

In this regard, it should be noted that a smart education program was launched in Morocco thanks to a strategic partnership between Huawei Maroc, the Chinese telecommunications operator, and the Ministry of National Education, Vocational Training, higher education and scientific research, with the aim of providing students with ICT skills and thus promoting their integration into the labor market.

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