The Tangerang Regency Government is intensifying the provision of vitamins to prevent an increase in measles

Tangerang, Banten (ANTARA) – The Tangerang Regency Health Office (Dinkes), Banten, continues to intensify immunization programs and giving children vitamin A as a measure to prevent an increase in cases of measles infection in the area.

“Our current efforts are continuing to carry out sweeping immunizations and administering vitamin A to children to prevent measles,” said the Head of Disease Prevention and Control (P2P) for Tangerang Regency, Dr. Sumihar Sihaloho in Tangerang, Tuesday.

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According to him, the preventive measure by giving vitamin A or medicines to the child is an effort to minimize the occurrence of measles virus infection which can cause malnutrition and blindness in the eye.

In addition, he continued, all health facilities (faskes) which include hospital services, Puskesmas were instructed to carry out epidemiological investigations (PE) on suspects and at the same time find out similar cases in the local environment.

“This step was taken so that cases of measles in children can be anticipated with integrated management so that the spread does not spread,” he said.

He revealed, for the increase in measles cases caused by a decrease in the coverage of MR/MMR immunization in Tangerang Regency itself, currently there are only 10 cases of children infected with measles-rubella.

“So far, from the data for 2022, there have been 8 cases of measles and two cases of rubella in children,” he said.

Then, he also appealed to the public if they encounter symptoms of fever and rash/red spots in children to immediately report and take the child to the health center or the nearest health care facility.

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So that, later on, his party can take steps or efforts for early detection in handling this case.

“We also always carry out health promotion regarding the symptoms, treatment and prevention of measles transmission,” he said.

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