Bodybuilding legend Pavol Jablonický celebrates his 60th birthday today – Hanácké novinky

Until recently, he operated a well-known gym in Olomouc on Jánského Street, but after twenty-five years he closed the business. “I’ve already made up my mind. The whole current situation with energy prices, for example, is in it, of course also the 1960s. I ran the business for twenty-five years, a lot of things came together, the time was right,” said today’s birthday boy in an interview with Hanácké novinky from Gran Canaria, where he is spending his life anniversary. Today, he and his girlfriend are doing business in a different field, dealing with investment gold and silver.

He still exercises today, and he cannot imagine life without dumbbells and sports. “Unfortunately, I don’t see any followers. I’m not saying that today’s guys are bad, but the world level, that’s a completely different level. It’s about renunciation and sacrifice. We don’t have anyone in the peak today.” he says.

The two-time world champion won his titles just before November 1989, then went professional. The editors wish you all the best for your life anniversary.

Vlastimil Blaťák

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