The support of the free mediation coordinator will be available in the courts

From Monday, October 19 to December 21, a project is being implemented, within the framework of which the support of the mediation coordinator will be available to the Latvian public free of charge, the portal “Delfi” was informed Ministry of Justice representative of Ksenija Vītola.

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The mediation coordinator will provide general information on mediation to any interested party in person or by electronic means, help the parties in the proceedings or other interested parties to “find” a certified mediator, help arrange the first meeting with a certified mediator and advise on the suitability of mediation in a particular dispute.

In cases where the parties will be referred to mediation through a coordinator, they will have the opportunity to receive a mediation service co-financed from the project funds. Within the framework of the project, the parties are provided with the first five mediation sessions, chaired by a mediator, with a minimum co-payment of 5 euros per session for each party.

The aim of the project is to promote wider access to mediation to the public and to provide practical support for receiving a mediation service.

The services of a certified mediator can be obtained for resolving all types of civil disputes, including labor, inheritance cases, contract law, commercial matters, real estate matters and other civil disputes.

The opportunity to receive the support of the mediation coordinator in person will be available in Riga and Jelgava.

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