The Mini of Alfonso Molina’s accident made “a strange maneuver”: From the search for public transport to the festivities | Radio Coruña

The security forces are investigating the causes of the terrible accident that ended the life of a 16-year-old from the city at dawn yesterday. Check Alfonso Molina’s security cameras. One of the factors that could have intervened in the accident would have been a “strange maneuver”, a swerve, at the height of the detour towards Ronda de Outeiro and the Avenida hotel that led the vehicle to skid and overturn after hitting a tree. The other four occupants of the vehicle, two boys and two girls, are still in the CHUAC with injuries of varying severity. The car, a mini cooper, is a four-seater model and five people were traveling in it. Everything is pending investigation while the debate on the need for collective transport alternatives in the face of night parties, especially in summer, makes its way.

The concelleiro de mobilidade Daniel Díaz Grandío defends the need for municipal and metropolitan management of collective transport to be able to enable special services from A Coruña on the occasion of the summer festivals, for example.

From Oleiros, Mayor Ángel García Seoane is in favor of limiting the hours of the festivals again, not because of this specific case, but in general. He does not understand that the parties begin at twelve at night instead of ten and continue until five in the morning when before they ended at three.

Regarding what happened before Tuesday’s accident, Alfonso Molina’s cameras certify that the wrecked car left A Coruña bound for some point in the region, probably the Vilaboa festivities, and returned shortly after, presumably after picking up part of the occupants .

The burial of the deceased youth has been celebrated in the San Amaro cemetery.

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