The strength of Riga, prices, competition and a new concept. The head of “The Body Shop” talks about the cosmetics business

The current economic situation has significantly influenced the behavior of buyers, admits Ieva Gailuma, head of the network of cosmetic stores “The Body Shop” in the Baltic States, in a conversation with “Delphi Bizness”. The number of shoppers has decreased, people are shopping intentionally, they come to the store for a specific item, and there are few spontaneous purchases.

The most important months of the year for the brand are November and December, which will allow us to understand the real impact of the rising cost of living on consumer behavior and better predict next year’s trends.

Currently, seven outlets under the brand name “The Body Shop” operate in Riga, among which the outlet in the “Spice” shopping center stands out. It has just refreshed itself, introducing a new, different concept of selling.

Ieva Gailuma tells “Delfi Bizness” why the brand has refused to expand outside the capital, how the economic situation is reflected in the prices of cosmetics and comments on the competition, which also includes copying.

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