The story of 3,000 Muslim troops bravely in opposition to 200,000 Byzantine troopers


The story of 3,000 Muslim troopers struggling with 200,000 Byzantine soldiers takes spot in Struggle of Mu’tah . This was the initially struggle concerning Muslims and Byzantine Christians. The war took put in Mu’tah in 629 Advert, to be exact on 5 Jumadil Awal 8 Hijriah.

Mu’tah is a village situated on the border of Sham. This village, positioned on the financial institutions of the Jordan River, is now included in the Kerak province of Jordan.

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Ibn Kathir in “al-Bidayah wan Nihayah‘he exposed, this battle was genuinely remarkable. Two armies ended up combating, spiritual enemies towards every single other.

The first group is an military that is combating in the way of Allah Azza wa Jalla, with a force of 3,000 persons. And on the other hand, the 200,000 infidels, such as 100,000 Romans and 100,000 Nashara Arabs.

They struggle and attack every single other. “Even though it was ferocious, only 12 men and women have been killed by Muslim troops. In truth, the loss of life toll of the polytheists was very big,” wrote Ibn Kathir.

Allah SWT stated:

Those who believed they would meet Allah reported, “How a lot of instances have some groups been capable to defeat a substantial group with Allah’s authorization? And Allah is with all those who are client“. ( SQ Al-Baqarah 2 : 249) “

Khalid bin Walid said: “I broke 9 swords in my hand, nothing at all else is still left but the swords designed in Yemen.” (HR Imam Bukhari )

According to the historian Imam Ibn Ishaq, Mu’tah’s war martyrs experienced only 8 companions. In element, specifically Ja’far bin Abi Talib, and the previous slave of the Observed prophet Zaid bin Haritsah al-Kalbi, Mas’ud bin al-Aswad bin Haritsah bin Nadhlah al-‘Adawi, Wahb bin Sa’d bin Abi Sarh RA.

Even though amid the Ansar, ‘Abdullah bin Rawahah,’ Abbad bin Qais al-Khozarjayyan, al-Harits bin an-Nu’man bin Isaf bin Nadhlah an-Najjari, Suraqah bin ‘Amr bin Athiyyah bin Khansa al-Mazini.

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Triggers of war
Muhammad Husain Haekal in his e book entitledBackground of the existence of Muhammad“They reported historians however differ on the trigger of Mu’tah’s expedition. Some say that the killing of the Prophet’s companions at Dhat’t-Talh prompted the raid as punishment for all those who had betrayed.

Even though another viewpoint, that when the Prophet despatched a messenger to the governor of Heraclius in Bushra (Bostra), the messenger was killed by the Bedouins, by Ghassan, in the title of Heraclius.

Then the Prophet Muhammad Noticed despatched troops to punish the ruler and everyone who helped him.

Haekal narrates that in the month of Jumadilawal in the 8th calendar year of Hegira (629 Ad) the Prophet named 3,000 men and women elected amid his companions, handing the manual to Zaid bin Harithah declaring: “If Zaid falls, then Ja’far bin Abi Talib who retains the management, and if Ja’far falls, Abdullah bin Rawaha retains the leadership. “

When this army still left, Khalid bin Walid also voluntarily joined. With his sincerity and willingness in war to clearly show his great faith as a Muslim.

The crowd greeted the commanders and their troops, and the Prophet Muhammad also accompanied them out of the city, offering them a message: “Do not eliminate women of all ages, little ones, blind people or little ones, do not demolish properties. – properties or slice down trees”.

Nabi Muhammad noticed prayed and Muslims also prayed expressing: “God be with you and shield all of you. Might you return safe and seem”.

The commanders of the troops have been all planning to ambush the Byzantines out of the blue, as they used to do on previous expeditions. Hence the victory will be accomplished quicker and will return with a victory. They set out to be part of Ma’an in the Sham area not figuring out what they would experience there.

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