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The ‘Star’ Photo from the James Webb Telescope Turns Out to be Just Sausage

Over the past month, we were served universe view very amazing through photos James Webb Space Telescope. Proxima Centauri is just one of the many celestial bodies that telescopes have captured. At least that’s what the French scientist tienne Klein claims, who claims to have seen the closest star to the sun.

Klein, who is research director at the French Atomic Energy and Alternative Energy Commission, posted his findings on his personal Twitter account in late July.

“The details are amazing,” Klein tweeted at the time. “New worlds are being revealed every day.”

The post immediately went viral on Twitter and garnered tens of thousands of likes. Many users expressed their admiration for his photos.

However, Klein made a shocking confession a few days later that the object in the photo was not actually Proxima Centauri, but rather a chorizo, a Spanish pork sausage. He apologizes for lying to everyone.

“Spanish charcuterie objects can only be found on Earth,” he said of the sausage photo.

To the French news agency Point, Klein revealed he intends to educate the public how easy it is to spread hoaxes on the internet. “If I hadn’t said this was a picture of James Webb, maybe the tweet wouldn’t have gone viral.”

Earlier this month, Klein posted another photo also from the James Webb telescope. Describing the Chariot Wheel galaxy, he emphasized that this photo was actually taken from outer space.

The James Webb telescope is the result of a collaboration between NASA and the European Space Agency and the Canadian Space Agency. Its sophistication has been recognized by astronomers, and the release of its first photographs has led to new discoveries.

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