Footballer Giggs went on trial in Manchester, he was threatened with five years in prison

Wales national team coach Ryan Giggs before the European Championship 2020 qualification draw.

| photo: Reuters


Giggs was arrested by police at his home in Worsley on 1 November 2020. He was accused of attacking a beekeeper and her sisters, one of whom was slightly injured. Giggs was released on bail, he was accused not only of assaulting his former partner, but also of manipulative and violent behavior in 2017 and 2020.

Afra recently the excellent footballer Giggs became the coach of the Welsh national football team. Robert Page was still attached to the team, only with him he fought for a place in the world championship after 64 years. In June of this year, Giggs officially resigned from the position of coach.

Giggs is one of the most famous figures in the history of Manchester United. He played for Rud bly for 23 years, became the English champion with them and won the Champions League twice. He made 64 appearances for the national team.


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