‘The Smartest Person in the World’: These are the first candidates

Photo FOUR

The Smartest Person in the World is almost back in the country. From tomorrow, Erik Van Looy will once again look for the famous Fleming who can call himself the smartest person in the world for a year. The three candidates for the first episode have now been announced.<!– –>

We have known the start date, the candidates and the jury for some time. Everything is ready for the first episode of the new season of De Slimste Mens ter Wereld. And now we also know the three candidates who will be the first to take their chance to be the smartest person in the world for at least one day.

Marie, Senne en Ella

The striker will be kicked off this season by Marie Verhulst, Senne Misplon and Ella Leyers. It was Senne Misplon, the spokesperson for the non-profit organization Wel jong, niet hetero, who shared a photo from the set in which he can be seen together with his first two challengers. He also shared with the photo: “So um … I can already compete against these two class ladies in the first episode”.<!– –>


For safety reasons, the decor of the quiz also got a new addition. The three candidates will be separated from each other this season with plexiglass. As a result, there will probably be no (or fewer) task assignments between the questions, because the candidates will then have to get up from their seats. During this season, there will also be less audience at the recordings because there too, the corona measures that apply at events must be taken into account.

Jeroom en James Cooke

The jury consists of Jeroom and James Cooke in the first episode. They too will be separated this year by a plexiglass, but that does not stop them from making it intimate on the jury bench.

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