The slightly different nativity play – on video


The slightly different nativity play – on video

Some families from Lauta Dorf are the protagonists in this film.

On Christmas Eve, a self-made nativity play video was shown twice on a screen in the rectory in Lauta Dorf – in front of a limited number of guests. © Photo: Gernot Menzel

From Ralf Grunert
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Lauta village. Many church services and events on Christmas Eve fell victim to the lockdown. Not so the traditional nativity play in Lauta Dorf. The parish has created a very special video under Corona conditions. “A book was bought with a scene from the Christmas story on each page. Then children from families who fit in were looked for. So it came about that there is a king, angels, Joseph and Mary, the landlord and his wife, the shepherds and the three wise men. The film was shot with each family at one location in Lauta Dorf, and in the end a really nice, emotional and sometimes funny video was created, ”says Katrin Klein, outlining the story of the creation. The somewhat different nativity play could be seen on Christmas Eve in the rectory on a screen as part of two short devotions with a limited number of participants, to which only residents of Lauta Dorf were allowed. If you weren’t there and would like to see the video, please contact Katrin Klein (Tel. 0176 49221104).

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