The situation in Russia is becoming increasingly explosive

In the largest country on earth in terms of area, the number of infected people is increasing rapidly – despite curfews. shows in the video how Russia compares worldwide.

Russia has set a new record within 24 hours with more than 10,000 new coronavirus infections. In Moscow alone, the focal point of the corona epidemic in Russia, the authorities reported more than 5,900 new cases on May 3 – despite curfews to prevent the spread of the pathogen. You can see the dramatic development in Russia in our animation above in the video or here.

Nevertheless, the Kremlin has already announced a gradual relaxation of exit restrictions from May 12. Countries like Germany, Italy or Spain have now started to ease the measures to contain the Corona virus– pandemic enforced.

How the relationship between new infections and those who have recovered is developing in different countries around the world, what role Russia is now playing, what Sweden’s special route is doing, what the pandemic epicenter is, the United States, and which country has undergone an impressively positive development can be seen above in the video or if you click here.


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